Our Programs

Little Dragons (3-6) 

STK Little Dragons program is where Pre-Schoolers Grow!  You’ll find fitness, confidence and discipline taught in a safe, secure environment by our highly qualified instructors. 

STK Little Dragons for preschoolers is more than fun and games, it’s lessons for life!  Jump!  Laugh!  Learn!!  Grow! 

STK Little Dragons classes are specifically for children 3-6 years of age. Classes are fun, fast-paced and focus on martial arts basics, fine and gross motor skills, and character-building activities.  Some other benefits are:

  • Enhanced coordination and motor skills

  • Improved listening skills

  • Increased attention span

  • Better concentration and focus

  • Preparation for preschool and kindergarten

STK Little Dragons program maintains a challenging, yet fun and exciting way to learn social courtesies hand-in-hand with an age-appropriate physical workout. Layered with fun and exciting games, our program will ensure that your child is maintaining a healthy exercise curriculum while enhancing agility and balance.

This is a wonderful tool that prepares our younger children with a higher level of education

Children (7-12)

Gain That Academic Edge!

Nothing complements the educational arts better than the martial arts to improve your child’s concentration and prepare him to excel.  At STK, our martial arts curriculum can energize your child to develop a positive attitude and be more confident—and confidence is the one quality that can help  your child face any challenge, stay focused on his goals, grow as a leader, and be safer in school and on the playground.  We teach your child to be a better student!

            • Character-building programs
            • Highest quality martial arts instruction
            • Safe, secure and fun environment
            • Develop leadership skills
            • Lessons in confidence, control and concentration
            • Well-trained, professional teachers

With our systematized and carefully prepared age-specific curriculums, we are building a better child, a better son or daughter, a stronger member of our community.  Your child will learn new skills with fun, games and physical activity, and life lessons to develop.

Our students start with an active and dynamic Taekwondo program that has a clear path for development from white belt to black belt and beyond. Students are continually challenged with new and exciting experience of traditional martial arts combined with state-of-the art teaching techniques.

Youth (13-17)

Our Youth class focuses on the unique needs of 13 to 17 year olds - a perfect outlet and focus for teenagers; featuring physical fitness, life skills development, self defense and socialization with other teens who also enjoy Taekwondo!

In addition to instilling the five tenets that Taekwondo teaches, your child can expect to see the following results:

               • Greater confidence
               • Improved concentration & focus
               • Physical fitness & coordination
               • Goal setting & achievement
               • Self-defense


We strive to keep our students interested and motivated, and we are sure that your son or daughter will enjoy Taekwondo for many years to come. It is the perfect extracurricular activity!


Adults (18+)

STK teaches the fundamentals of Martial Arts by combining the time-tested Eastern Philosophy of Martial Arts with the modern approach of Western teaching philosophy.

The STK adult instruction is age and skill appropriate. Our staff of professional, adult instructors will help you to develop:

  • Physical fitness;
  • Strategic thinking;
  • Improved motor skills;
  • Balance and posture;
  • Better agility and coordination;
  • Greater energy;
  • Develop body, mind, and spirit to realize success!

We teach effective self-defense techniques; prepare you for the challenges of adult lifestyles in all aspects of life - our curriculum is based on developing clear paths for advancement.

Our students start with an active and dynamic Taekwondo program structured from white belt to black belt and beyond. Students are continually challenged with new and exciting experience of traditional martial arts combined with state-of-the art teaching techniques.

After School Program (4-12)


School age children can take advantage of our After School program that provides fun, positive, and educational activities for your child.

Not a daycare or a babysitting service, our program is first and foremost about quality Martial Arts Instruction and physical fitness.

Children are picked up from school by professionally marked, insured school transportation vehicles and brought to the STK facility where they participate in a well balanced weekly schedule of activities, in addition to Martial Arts training, such as:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Games
  • Advanced homework study
  • Computer Lab

This program has been designed to assist parents with the tough job of giving your child the tools and skills needed to overcome their daily obstacles. Whether it be getting bullied at school, a lack of focus on schoolwork or self-confidence issues, STK Taekwondo can help your child become a self-confident leader.

Our After School staff consists of top quality Martial Arts Instructors and professionals who assist with advanced homework study.

We pick your child up in our clearly marked, properly insured vehicles

3-5 days options available for some schools

 Snack time allotted

 Homework completion

 Daily Martial Arts lessons

 P.A. Day Camps available

 March Break Camp available

 Full STK membership included

Summer Camp (5-12)

STK's Summer Camps provide twice daily Taekwondo training, Sports & Games, Arts & Crafts and daily trips to the Splash Pad. Our Campers will learn Self Defense, Develop the ‘I Can DO It’ Attitude, Improve Focus and Build Confidence.

All STK Camps, Classes & Activities are Constructed Around the Development of:

  • Respect of Self & Others
  • Self Discipline
  • Teamwork
  • Positive Attitude
  • Responsibility 
There are 4 Camp weeks to choose from for Summer 2017: 
  • July 17th-21st
  • July 24th-28th
  • August 14th-18th
  • August 21st-25th

Before & After Camp Care Available.